Heading for Shag Rocks

Another misty day on the Southern Ocean but we are making good time towards South Georgia. Later this evening we should pass by Shag Rocks which are a spectacular sight – sheer pinnacles of rock raising from the Southern Ocean in the middle of nowhere with birds wheeling around the air and seals and whales milling in the water taking advantage of the high productivity around this mountainous feature in the deep ocean. I just hope the fog will lift so we can see it all!

Otherwise we are all preparing for the surf beaches of South Georgia where whe waves pound and the beaches are a riot of penguins and seals. First priorities are to ensure that our waders do not leak (all our waders leak) so that we can stand in the surf and catch the boats as they buck around in the waves, then we have to make sure the new staff are prepared for the seal. Right now fur seals are still defending territories on the shore and will be aggressively attacking these strange aliens that turn up on their territory. They are mostly harmless and will charge as if they have murder on their mind until at the last moment they turn away … well as long as you stand your ground. If you run away they think they have won and will keep charging until they have had a taste of your rear end. A fur seal can give a pretty nasty bite!

Very muck looking forward to getting to the island and drinking in one of the most abundant wildlife experiences on the planet!

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