Crossing the circle

At 9:10 today we crossed the Antarctic Circle with a toast of hot chocolate and much cheering. Strange to think how long humans strived to reach this line on the globe, yet how easily we breeze across today. The weather had come to remind us that we were at the end of the earth with driving snow and ice bergs looming in the mist, but overall it seems incredibly easy compared to the trials of James Cook and the Endeavour as it crossed for the first time. Amazing to think of the things in easy reach today and the way it diminishes the respect we feel for the wild world around us. When we sail down here in our small yacht it will be a different story – no simple skip across the circle but a slog comparable to the sailing days of old – albeit supplement with various technological marvels to assist. But at the end of the day, I like thinking that we have to strive to reach the ends of the Earth because this is the only planet we have. It’s nice to think that we can’t breeze our way to every corner of the globe and do as we wish.

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