Into the interior

The circumference of Tenerife is fringed by beautiful beaches with grey stained sands from the eons of volcanic activity. Watching the waves lap upon these far flung shores and soaking up some sunshine is definitely worth a day or two but the island has far more to explore! Aboard our two trusty scooters we were soon buzzing around narrow winding roads through landscapesranging from arid plains populated by countless cacti to frozen fields of churned magma that spewed for El Teide thousands of years ago. Raising from sea level to over 3,000m the journey took us from the coastal hinterlands into the arid band of desert in the foothills before entering the greener pine-clad mountains of the interior. Finally the pines give way to bare rock and the cold war-zone of magma and volcanic bombs that crown this island in a spectacular moon-like landscape.


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