High and dry

It’s been a while since we updated the blog as we have been away from the water getting some R&R after a long season in Antarctica. But now I’m back aboard albeit not in the water quite yet. Widdershins in launched back into the brisk spring sea of Norway on May 02 and there’s a lot to be done before then! The morning starts with a quick wash in the sink to cast away the fog of sleep – luke warm water off the diesel stove poured over my head and a quick scrub with a damp cloth and I’m ready for action … after the obligatory cup of coffee of course! The days here in southern Norway have a chill in the early hours but this is rapidly dispelled as the sun paints the deck with colour and slowly burns away the vestiges of the night. Right now I‘m installing some new equipment including a SSB radio that will provide long range communication anywhere on the globe as well as a radar to help us navigate through the ice strewn waters of the poles. Apart from electrical wiring and scaling the mast to mount various odds and ends I’m spending my days up to my elbows in grease getting the motor ready and generally maintaining the boat after a long winter away. It’s nice to be aboard again but looking forward to getting back in the water.

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