Beyond Sørlandet

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Yesterday I braved the long trip around Lindesnes and Lista and am now in sheltered waters once again in the tranquil harbour of Råsvag on the isle of Hidra. As expected the offshore crossing around these exposed headlands offered lots of excitement with strong winds, big seas and a constant rain. In fact I was only 50m away from this island before the jagged rocks washed with curling foam and crashing waves emerged from the gloom. Thank god for the GPS!
After some time to recover from nine hours of non-stop sailing, tomorrow I will point the bow further west. But first it is worth noting that this point marks the end of Sørlandet, or the south coast, and the beginning of the west. I’ll be leaving behind the rounded islets and archipelagos and heading towards the land of the fjords and towering cliffs. In just a few days Léonie gets on board in Egersund and together we head around towards Stavanger after which the direction is all north … the first leg towards the Arctic.

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