We have had some technical problems with emails so there has not been the opportunity to send off word of the latest adventures in the Antarctic but since I last wrote we have had some mishaps with zodiacs lost in the ice, some close run-ins with the sea floor (something we try to avoid on a ship!) and the general fun with penguins and seals.

Our last trip finished successfully and we had a smooth trip back to Ushuaia where we promptly turned around and headed straight back towards the ice! Currently we are making good speed over a gently rolling sea and hope to catch our first glimpse of land tomorrow afternoon. The first penguins chicks of the season broke free of their eggs during our last trip so from now on the colonies which were rather quite with demure penguins sitting on eggs should turn into more boisterous affairs as the chicks cry out for food. It’s such a privilege to watch the life cycle of these amazing animals unfold.

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