Our yacht, Widdershins, is alive again. She sways gently in the breeze and dances with eager anticipation in the wake of every passing boat – as eager as I am to cast-off the lines and take to the open ocean.

The launching went without a hitch. In the water by 9:00 and the motor starting after only a small grumble at being inactive for the past six months. Having anticipated trouble, I was pleasantly surprised to slip away from the dock and make my merry way to a nearby berth for the night.
Right now there is a chilly breeze blowing across the fjord from the snowy peaks in the distance … but here in Widdershins the diesel heater is churning out a comfortable warmth, and the gently rocking oil lamp is casting everything in flickering amber tones. I finally feel like we are on our way! It really doesn’t get better than this – a rolling deck beneath your feet and an endless horizon ahead.

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