Two in the Blue (not just me on the sea)

After a long lonely few weeks getting everything on Widdershins ready for the trip yesterday I was finally joined by Dr Leonie Suter (take note of the very fresh and shiny new prefix). After a series of close flight connections she arrived on a fresh Tromsø afternoon very much in need of the coats and warm clothes that were taking their own little holiday …. it seems that the luggage (full of very important and expensive equipment) had disappeared into the parallel universe that sits like a parasite at busy airports waiting to prey upon unwary suitcases. And of course they only select the most important ones! Hopefully the luggage will arrive today but there still seems some uncertainty as to where it exactly is … I hope the gnomes of that parallel world (Lostluggopia) aren’t interested in diving equipment.

Meanwhile Leonie and I are in the process of provisioning for the big trip so we are stocking up on dry-goods, powdered milk, tinned veggies and all the tucker we will need for a long leg at sea. Wheels of cheese and chocolate are the main demand from the Swiss delegate while I am still trying to work out to keep a couple of kilos of fresh steak in our tiny fridge.

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