Another day in the office

A long couple of days with lots of jobs done and a few disasters along the way … not least of all a fairly serious galley fire (put out before any serious damage done). Still, we are now equipped with a new radar dome, all running rigging in the mast, new boots, a working stove (again), and brand new lettering proclaiming the ships name.

Today she spied a chimpanzee – up the mast he flew,
So very high, unbound and free, though rather rank it’s true.
He clambered up and threw some tools that clattered to the ground,
He screamed out curses, lost his cool, and made god-awful sounds!
But whilst up high he happened to, fix a few foul faults,
And dragged some clobber up the pole and nailed it down with bolts.

And him he saw a spider spin – a web of silken frost.
The fine white thread so very thin, each stroke so bold embossed.
With tiny strokes she wove a work that stood out clear and proud,
But still the venom fangs would lurk to prick the pushy crowd.
And when the web was woven clear, and the sinners pricked for sin,
The silken lace spelled out a word – ‘twas written “Widdershins”.

And She, She saw a guest arrive to walk upon Her sole.
She saw her lovers work and strive to play the good host-role.
And so She fumed at her lovers slight, Her fever rose with ire,
The jealous rage it sparked a light that lit a furious fire.
The flames and smoke they drove that guest from the shelter of Her womb.
And Her hapless lovers limped back home, to scrub soot up with a broom.

What a day! We’re settled now with a whiskey in the hand.
The mast is rigged, a painted prow, and the fire doused with sand.
We’ve walked more miles with brand new boots, than does our sore feet well.
We’ve painted, tied up, scrubbed the soot, and still we have not fell.
And as the sun … well it doesn’t set … but as it spins around,
We’ll take our rest with the knowledge that: were almost arctic bound.

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