Dropping in for a cuppa

After a dash north we anchored the yacht in Eidembukta last night and rocked and rolled ourselves to sleep in a moderate swell. Thankfully however, the wind that has been plaguing us lately could not reach us in this scenic anchorage. A long sandy beach stretches before us, opening into the lagoon that is the final resting place for the Eidembreen glacier. Landing on the beach we quickly caught the curiosity of one of the many beach-prowliong arctic foxes who gave us a cursory sniff before making for the hills. We had planned to walk along the beach to visit the trappers hut in the next bay (Farmbukta) however our passage was blocked by the roiling water pouring out of the lagoon, complete with the occasional chunk of ice. While the dog seemed keen to cross we decided that this was not really the time and place for a swim and retreated to Brad (our tender)to motor over to the hut and meet Bjørn Henningsen and his family. Here we enjoyed a cup of coffee, cake and some marvellous hospitality at the end of the earth – the cold remote regions of the world are heated with a human warmth that is often lacking in our crowded centres.

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