Under the weather in Wales

It has been a week now that we’ve left Ireland and arrived in Wales. Although the weather was a bit colder and greyer here than it had been in Ireland, we were cheerful and excited to be further south again and soon on our way to England or even France.

But being back in civilization has its unexpected drawbacks. While it is invigorating to have an early mornings shower at the marina facilities, very handy to have electricity on board and the next supermarket a mere five minutes walk away, one drawback are the people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a great pleasure to meet new people, new cultures, and to share some of our adventures. But people also carry germs. And while neither of us has been sick during the long, cold Arctic summer, here in Wales the microbes caught up with us, fastening us to our bed for the last few miserable days.

We only left Widdershins, our boat and home, to take Sparrow, our ever joyful, energetic and slightly mischievous Jack Russell puppy, for her well deserved walks. However, we’re both on the mend now, and hopefully we’ll find a suitable weather window soon that can take us to where palm trees grow and the sun shines hot on bare skin … or somewhere along the way, at least.

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