Patrick Lewis

Copyright Léonie SuterDr Patrick Lewis hails from the outback of central south Queensland Australia where despite the absence of Ocean he developed an early passion for all things wet by exploring the creeks and waterholes of the family farm. But it was not until a little later that he got his first taste of saltwater and secured a passion for marine biology and wilderness exploration that has endured and been honed by years of study and research. Patrick completed his studies in Tasmania where the winds blew from the Southern Ocean and whispered of heaving seas, icebergs and adventure. When not studying he spent his youth exploring the wilderness of Tasmania, fly-fishing in the central highlands and learning to sail on a decrepit old yacht that he called home. Patrick continued his studies with a PhD project examining the conservation threats related to increasing human traffic to the Antarctic Continent, and the spread of alien marine species. These studies saw him sailing small yachts to the subantarctic islands, diving under the hulls of icebreakers to record the animals clinging to the hull and a range of other research including aquarium studies, taxonomy of marine invertebrates and genetics. Since completing his doctoral work Patrick has worked in a range of fields including conservation biology in the Indonesian islands, marine science around the coast of Australia, management of marine biosecurity with the Australian Commonwealth government, working as a marine naturalist aboard expedition cruise ships to Antarctica, and running Arctic conservation programs with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Norway. When not getting serious about science, Patrick is an avid adventurer and has travelled broadly around the world by yacht, motorbike and soles of his feet.

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