Current Supporters

The Reef Life Survey programme has generated arguably the most wide-ranging marine ecological data set worldwide, and is recognised as one of the very few available for tracking whether countries are achieving targets associated the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD).  The contributions from this project will fill some of the last remaining gaps in coverage for this survey initiative. Reef Life Survey are providing SCUBA compressor equipment and cylinders for the project

Ocean Leisure is London’s premier marine and water-sports store offering a huge range of equipment and support for activities on the water. They have offered the project assistance though discounts on photographic equipment and assistance in promoting the projects conservation goals.

Digital Explorer is a social enterprise that engages young people in global issues for a better future. Their unique projects utilize the latest communication technologies to bring the frontier of science and exploration live to the classroom – the result is empowering youth interaction like never before. The Academy of Exploration is the place where this connection happens – the place where a journey of a few becomes a gateway for learning and understanding for many.

Timmissartok foundation has generously offered the first contribution towards “Two in the Blue”. This small grant will be used to assist in development of the website and will contribute towards communication equipment. Many thanks for starting us on the path to adventure!

Engel fridges have become an Australian icon for delivereing reliable performance in the tough conditons of the Australian outback. Engel Australia have generously donated a portable fridge unit to Two in the Blue to keep our tucker cold.

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