Tenerife – two in the blue style

Anyone who has been to Tenerife has doubtlessly cringed at the forbidding hive of condominiums and fancy hotel-resorts. These sprawling edifices crowd the beaches and transform the tranquil island landscape into a cement jungle complete with its languid population of tourists who rarely venture far from the tout-lined path from the hotel to the beach sunbathing spots. Not really our scene!  So we decided to strike out for our own tailor made Tenerife adventure.

No motorbikes could be had for love or money so after a little haggling Léonie and I were soon happily straddling a pair of 150cc scooters and buzzing around the winding roads leading to the interior of the island. Not quite the power of the motorcycles that carried us across the South American continent back in 2009, but a whole load of fun none-the-less!


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