Lindesnes Peninsula

Last week I was enjoying the sheer thrill of sailing with no schedule and an open ocean in front of me. There was no rush and I simply hopped between picturesque harbours and spent the mornings catching a feed of fish or exploring the rocky islets that are my home each night. But time is ticking and I have a way to go before I meet Léonie in Egersund in a little over a week.

I’ve had a run of windy weather and now I’ve arrived at a spot renowned for wind and tricky sailing – right now it’s an early morning in Båli and after a cup of coffee I’ll be heading around the notorious Lindesnes Peninsula. But it’s a far cry from the Bali in Indonesia so familiar to many Australian tourists. Rather than white beaches and throngs of bikini clad tourists, here we have windswept hills and water stirred by the currents that flow around the headland. Yesterday I arrived with strong gusts of wind pushing Widdershins around as I steered through the rocky entrance. This morning – it’s an ominous stillness with fog shrouding the hills and a gentle rain pattering on the deck over my head. But the weather report predicts a still morning before the wind once again roars around Lindesnes so it’s time to don the wet weather gear and head out to sea!



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