Water falling from the fjords (and the sky)

Well it’s been a cold wet couple of days with near constant drizzle, albeit with some gaps in the weather allowing us brief moments of respite – one of which luckily allowed us a clear view of the stunning cliffs and waterfalls of Lysefjord in Norway’s south west. After a long journey up the fjord yesterday we were rewarded with clear views to the towering heights of Preikestolen some 900 m vertically up from where Widdershins floated below with two in the blue craning our necks to the summit. As we looked up with binoculars we also managed to see a few small heads gingerly poke over the top to look at us.

A little further along the fjord we sailed close to a waterfall tumbling down the cliff and felt the wind blow water upon our faces … a feeling we were soon to get used to as the rain started up again. We made our way slowly under sail back along the length of the fjord and onwards to our night’s anchorage in a very convoluted piece of water known as Arsvågen. After a long days sail it is quite challenging to wind in amongst the myriad of islands in this wild anchorage and pick out the narrow channels that hold enough water for Widdershins to slip through towards the calm inner bay. But we made it and collapsed into our cot with a feeling of a good day behind and more ahead.

Now we are in Haugesund, a large town to the south of Bergen, having a bit of a relax and planning to see Pirates of the Caribbean IV a little later to look for some swashbuckling inspiration for the onward journey. Savvy?

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