Right now I’m totally knackered and about to fall asleep, but good news are here to be shared, so: I’ve done it! Today I’ve defended my PhD thesis and passed! Well, as it’s the ETH there’s of course more paper work involved, but in a couple of weeks you can all call me Dr. Suter, please. 🙂

It was actually a great day. I first had to give a short talk (three years of work summarized in twenty minutes, tss) followed by 40 minutes questions from three examiners. Everything went really well, and later we had a big lunch on the roof terrace, of course with lots of booze. My whole family came to celebrate as well, from as far as northern Germany, and even the weather played along. Of course there was also the traditional silly hat (see image), a terrific poster about my PhD, and a congratulations card from my group in the shape of a direction sign saying “new life”. Guess that’s just where I’m heading now!

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