Blue appendages

Last time I painted the deck of the yacht Leonie complained that it was a rather drab and dark colour… well … aided be a shortage of selection in the paint shops of Tromsø, she no longer has grounds to complain! Spent the day painting the deck in “souvenir blue”, presumably named by someone whose entire memory of a holiday kept reverting to the blinding blue deck the boat they took for a sail on their holiday.  Well it’s not too bad I guess, and on the grey, cold, Arctic days we merely need to look down to get a dose of tropical blue to warm us.

Another strange thing about painting – or perhaps more about my particular style of painting – I never seem to manage to complete a job without getting thoroughly covered in paint. I know I could wear gloves, but the boy in me rallies and cries “what’s wrong with getting a bit dirty!”.  And since I’m still all alone here in Tromso who could possibly complain that a certain unmentionable part of my anatomy is bright blue following a short toilet break  …

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