Last day of my old life

Today was my last day in Switzerland. While Patrick has been busy setting up the yacht in Tromsø, I was finishing up everything in Zürich so I can leave my old life with a clear conscious. This of course also included sorting through all my stuff and chucking out half of my possessions. It’s quite scary how many unnecessary things pile up when you’re comfortable in a place. Well, that’s all changing drastically now. I’m leaving Switzerland with two bags, one containing all my diving gear, and one all my clothing, camping gear etc. When it comes down to it I guess there’s really not that much one needs, and as long as it’s just Pat and me on the yacht hopefully no one will mind the smell…

Much harder than sorting out what I’m finally going to bring to our trip was saying all those goodbyes to friends and family. I’ve left Switzerland a few times for longer periods before, but I always knew when I’d come back. Now everything is much more uncertain, and who knows where the wind is going to take us in the end. But I guess nowadays the world is a smaller place than it used to be, and it’s easier to keep in touch. So, don’t forget writing me emails, keeping me up to date about office rumors or books I should read, and send me pictures of your kids growing up! I will miss you all!

Oh, and yes: new life, here I come!

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