Spring sparrows

The sun is finally peeking through the turmoil of heavy grey clouds that have been our ceiling for the past few days. Under the dim watery light of these autumn skies, and occasionally through rain, hail and sleet, we have been watching a gradual transition in the landscape around us. Where the isles to the north presented a barren windswept façade hiding small pockets of greenery in the occasional sheltered valley, the sun shining down here in the town of Oban falls upon a riot of green vegetation clinging to the slopes. Strange as it may seem, while winter is looming upon the land around us, for two in the blue it seems almost as if spring has arrived.

And as we feel in a spring mood, we have again given sway to the urge to expand our little family. No …. not quite THAT way! Despite the continued attention of pods of dolphins (short-beaked common dolphins have been our constant companions since we arrived in Scottish waters) we have been craving the companionship of an animal on board. Thus the bed that was briefly occupied by a 25kg Greenland husky from Svalbard has now been commandeered by a 2kg pup that goes by the name of Sparrow. While our little ship mate has some rather large paws to fill, she has already shown that what she lacks in size she makes up for in tenacity and charisma.

So once again as we head towards warmer climes we are “Three on the Sea” …stand by for more images of Sparrow!

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