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codilleroWell sailing along the coast of Europe has hardly felt quite so much like the wilderness that we set off to find six month ago. That’s not to say it isn’t stunning … the coastline of Spain has slipped gently by as the residents slumber their way through siesta (inevitably just as we arrive in port and need to get things done). The shoreline has transformed from the imposing cliffs of Asturias with its quaint compliment of old towns clinging to the rock, to the gentler green slopes of the Galician coast with warm winds and sparkling clear water thronging with fish.

christmas-treeTo add to the holiday feel, the decorations are starting to loudly announce that Christmas is just around the corner. In fact, stumbling across a small thicket of Eucalypt here in Ribadeo we have fallen into the festive spirit and the yacht is now permeated with a happy gum tree smell of home thanks to our choice of Christmas tree. Here on Widdershins we have been a little lulled by this festive atmosphere and heartily admit that the blogs have not been coming quite as quickly as they perhaps should. Thus we have made the commitment to ourselves that as we prepare to make the last dash out of Europe towards the exotic shores of Morocco and western Africa, we shall return to our commitment to the blog …. So stand by for updates!

snowFor other recent news, Leonie has just returned from a quick trip home to Switzerland for a last visit with friends and family before we leave the continent behind … despite the welcome and warm reception she received and the fantastic time sledging down snowy slopes the twenty centimetres of snow was enough to convince her that sailing south is a sound plan.

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