Widdershins is a 35 foot steel ketch built in 1980 in New Caledonia. During her life she has braved many oceans from the Pacific to the windswept waters off Greenland. When Patrick and Léonie bought her in Norway, she just came back from a trip to the Caribbean. Throughout 2010 two in the blue called her their home and explored the coastal fjords and islands of Southern Norway. “Widdershins” means to us to take a different path, or to take a contrary direction whilst others stick to the tried and beaten road – we hope to find our own path in a changing world. Widdershins is also the name of Patrick’s family home located in the bush of Tasmania, Australia. During two in the blue’s journey we try to live as self-sustainably as possible and we want to minimize our carbon emission by producing our own electricity with a solar panel and a wind generator, and by using the wind to drive us on our exploration of the world’s oceans.

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