Walrus at Poolapynten
Svalbard: In our first venture offshore on the big trip from pole to pole we left continental Europe behind in summer 2012 and headed towards the North. Our first stop was the rugged island of Bjørnøya before we eventually made landfall in Svalbard – the home of polar bear, walrus, arctic foxes and a myriad of other polar life. From here we set off across the empty Greenland Sea for the lonely island of Jan Mayen and then Greenland.

Leonie and Patrick hiking in Hurry inlet

Greenland: We arrived in Greenland in autumn 2012 after dodging through bands of sea ice and between pods of feeding humpback whales. Scoresbysund at the north-east coast offered stunning scenery and a healthy dose of culture as we wandered amidst the shambling town of Ittoqqortoormiit. Big eyes, sweeping tundra, arctic hare and the first sea ice forming for the season all added a dash of excitement before we fled south in advance of the long winter night.

Snow and fire

Iceland: In late autumn 2012 we were blown from Greenland to Iceland on the back of a strong storm system. Arriving in civilization was a shock, but Iceland retained a rugged charm that eased us back from the wilds with a touch of tumbling rivers, volcanos, and a huge serving of friendly help from the locals.


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